Viewing Videos Perfectly – Download MP4 Codec For Windows Media Player

Some years ago, audio entertainment had changed the world of music because of the MP3. The compressing features of this device had started a universal format for audio. Today, it is the MP4 that is taking the entertainment and computing industry by storm. The MP4 revolutionized the method by which videos are downloaded and played.
MP4 is the shorter term for MPEG 4. This is a technology that had been developed such that high quality video and audio can be played in portable MP4 players. The files are compressed into an extremely small size in order to be able to be played in small players such as iPod. So many researches had been made to make the MP4 a breakthrough. There is no question about the quality of its downloaded video and audio. Because MP4 is here to stay, majority of the video files such as movies are now in the MP4 format. However, it would be impossible for you to play these files in your computer or player without being converted. You need the MP4 codec for Windows Media Player to covert the files to types that can be played.
If you are using the Windows operating system in your PC, Microsoft had supported your passion for movie or video viewing. The company is providing free-of-charge downloadable MP4 codec for Windows Media Player. You can also opt for the installation of other codec packs. And the best thing here is that you can download these for free.
Have you understood what a codec is? You know you cannot play your MP4 files in your computer without this codec. Codec comes from the fusion of two words – coder and decoder. This is an important technology because this enables you to compress and decompress your video files. This is the means by which your extra-large files are converted into smaller files. Because of the conversion, the files are conveniently played in different media – wireless devices, internet or local area network. Imagine being able to store and view a movie via small devices such as cellular phones, iPods and tablets, aside of course from your desktops and laptops.

The benefits of installing MP4 codec for Windows media player

Going back to MP3 and MP4, where MP3 is for audio while MP4 is for video, you know that the video will need more bandwidth. Because of the enormity of the file, it may take you several hours (in worst case of slow internet – days) to download a video with compressed data. This is where your MP4 codec for Windows media player takes a role. The codec will encode your raw video data and decode them into compressed types. The codec will subsequently transfer the compressed data into the video player. It is also because of the MP4 codec for Windows media player that the video retains its very high quality resolution. As downloaded files are in the MP4 format, you cannot play this in your computer. You need the very versatile and high technology coverter – the MP4 codec for Windows media player. Unlike other codecs, this one is able to keep the video data into a very small file such that you can even have several movies stored in your small MP4 player.

Reasons for installing MP4 codec for Windows media player

MP4 Codec For Windows Media PlayerYou should always remember that even if you have Windows media player, this on its own will not be able to read the MP4 files. Thus, you cannot play your stored MP4 movie files in your computer or player. You can only open these MP4 files if your player or computer has MP4 codec for Windows media player installed in it.

Where to download MP4 codec Windows media player

Why did you download those movies or videos? So since you are inclined to view them in your player, you have no other option but to install the MP4 codec for Windows media player. And this is very easy and costless process. You just have to download and install the software in your computer. Do you know where to download the MP4 codec Windows media player? You just have to go online and log on to either or Downloading is free and you just have to follow the installation instructions carefully.
When you want to enjoy watching movies or any videos with high quality resolution and audio, you just have to download the movie. Your file will be in MP4 format. Having your computer installed with the MP4 codec for Windows media player, you can enjoy the movie very vividly. The codec had encoded large file then decoded the same file into a very small file – the reason why you were able to download the movie faster and were able to store the file in small storage device.

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